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About Us

At CM recruitswell, we aim to partner with expanding businesses and offer our professional services at a reasonable cost. In the process, we discover, cultivate, and pair exceptional candidates with opportunities.

Our attitude to clients: Respect integrity, honesty, and fairness in all client and stakeholder interactions.
A partnership based on understanding your company culture and your needs to provide a customised solution. 

Our approach to candidates: We prioritise your success and well-being by providing opportunities,
feedback and support per your career ambitions and passions.

"Diversity fuels innovation and enriches perspectives. We're committed to empowering businesses through inclusivity"


Chanelle Morgan

Chanelle was told at an early age that she was naturally good with people and had a knack for people relations. She established herself in the creative recruitment industry after breaking into the field in 2018. Through her relentless perseverance, she gained access to C-suite executives at some of the biggest companies in the world, including Barclays, Netflix, Adidas, and Burberry. Her sophisticated recruiting decisions allowed her to bring in the best talent possible to help these companies expand and thrive.

“ The main concept of CMrecruitswell is to provide affordable recruitment support to newly formed and growing businesses by providing a wealth of knowledge and experience”

Chanelle is still a versatile recruiter who maintains focus and keeps up with "future recruitment trends" today.

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